Today at Postcard!

New in! Scrabble 3 letter badges! Get your LOL's OMG's and WTF's here and wear 'em proud. They make great gifts for that text-aholic friend that we've all got!

Also in.... more record cake stands. Perfect for all your lo-fi high tea needs! Don't need to be all dainty about your tea parties! These are asking to be filled with yum yums and cupcakes. Atleast thats what mine is gonna have on it! Put the volume up to eleven and enjoy!


OH MY,  OH MY! We are awfully sorry for being such lazy bloggers! The past wee while has been so busy in the new shop! We've rearranged half a dozen times (at least), got loads of new stock in and we've been having a great time listening to the whole record collection! We've also been MAKING THINGS! Postcard's own jewelry, collars, crop tops, tote bags and more. We've been re-working, up-cycling and making sure every piece we have in the shop is SPECTACULAR and SUPER CHEAP!
Here's some photos of Mrs. And Mr. Mannequin wearing some of our newest stuff!


My Bloody Valentine(s day)

We've got a whole bunch of lovely jewelry in for V-day! Come and grab yourself the perfect little gift for your loved one. (or yourself!)

with Love ......P.C




Here's a collection of things to find inspiring... or just to look at and enjoy.



City of dreams

Hello hello happy new year and all that! We've just returned from a quick jaunt to New York with suitcases crammed to the brims with goodies. Come on down to the shop and have a rummage before they're gone!

xx Postcard 


Big hair, electric eighties

We've got loads of new stuff in! And we're bringing it all to Ashton Lane's street market today. 
It's going to be jumper-tastic, we've got a lot of shiny, electric, grandpa, eighties and just totally mental jumpers, perfect for christmas. 


Cat fight

Exquisite new Jewelry by Catfight.  High fashion at a Postcard Price. score score score!