Pretty little things

The Lilias Farlo accessory line... Unisex bow ties, that can be doubled as a hair clip! And flowers in a multitude of beautiful fabrics to wear anywhere. Nothing like something handmade to finish your outfit off. Come in and see. Just look for the birdcages.

wreck chords


three cheers for our side



Iona's Iotas

Hey folks,

Iona Barker has been working away for our wee shop on amazing one of a kind hair-clips, brooches and accessories, like big big bows, (Hello gaga!) Below is a link to her website. Our new goodies aren't on it, so you must come in to have a gander for yourself!



Everybody Is Happy Nowadays

You will be arriving shortly


Postcard Limited are pleased to announce that we will be housing a selection of the Culietta jewelry line. Headpieces, open necklaces, body jewelry and even shoe jewelry will be at your doorstep Glasgow!  

Stay tuned for pictures of these amazing gems. 

Or just go see for yourself.



Meet you in the 70's

An absolute belter

Liz Claiborne 1982 western belt. 



for a thursday evening

Stumbled across these photographs this evening. I should be doing other things but they are pretty wonderful to look at. The photographer is William Christianberry... a name that rolls right off the tongue.