Big hair, electric eighties

We've got loads of new stuff in! And we're bringing it all to Ashton Lane's street market today. 
It's going to be jumper-tastic, we've got a lot of shiny, electric, grandpa, eighties and just totally mental jumpers, perfect for christmas. 


Cat fight

Exquisite new Jewelry by Catfight.  High fashion at a Postcard Price. score score score!


The tease

Our tee shirt collection is looking pretty damn good these days. They're fun, colorful and super soft! 



We've been busy bees adding new records to the collection here at Postcard. And there's way more to be priced and tested. So keep popping in for that gem you've been hunting for! 


Just bagged

Found this wonderful alligator handbag in New Jersey the other day! How totally amazing it honestly is. Not only did I find this bit of reptilian arm candy, I also managed to score two gorgeous mink scarves. Sorry to all our furry friends but these have been dead for decades now! x (pictures in very near future)


road trip

got these postcards from a little antique/vintage place in soho.

Finally, some mens shoes!! And they are basket-woven delights.



perfect this festival season. Functional, durable, weather resistant and cool as f**k! xx



Got some new Alabama Lulu corsages in, in lovely bright summer colours. Also we're getting more Lilias Farlo bows and flowers in this week. BIG ones! Can't wait.

push bar to open...

Here's a few snaps from the Ashton lane fair this past sunday. Notice all the new stuff we got in! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, it will not happen again!